Make your own Google Chrome theme

Google Chrome Theme Gallery has thousand of themes but if you want to customize your personal computer browser with your own themes and colors.

Follow the steps to create:
1.Go to this LINK its a chrome extension and add to your chrome browser
After adding the extension go to the app page.

2.Now click on the Start Making Theme and on next window you’ll get two options 
to upload your image from computer
Use webcam to your image

3.After Uploading Photos, on next windows you can adjust the position of your photos, according to your need and then click on preview mode
4.Now in this step, You can edit current tabs, background tabs, windows colors by simply click on their respective paint Brush and then pick any color and click on Continue Step 3.
5.Now name your theme and click Make my theme.

6.Now your Theme is Generated and you can install it on your chrome browser and you can share with your friends.

Download some of my themes

Download backtrack5 HERE

Abstract 1

Download abstract 1 HERE

Abstract mic

Download abstract mic HERE

Abstract 2
Download abstract 2 HERE

Lamborghini 1

Download Lamborghini 1 HERE

Abstract face

Download abstract man HERE