Nokia Mobile Security Code forget?? No problem We can retrieve it

Nokia Mobile are used by most of the peoples.
Its provides a security code for secure of apps. we can change it.
but the problem is we forget the security code..
No probs we can find it by using a simple software name [ANT]Simple.{download link below}
Follow the steps:
1. Close the Nokia PC suit...check in quick tray also.
2.Extract [ANT]Simple
3.Run Simple.exe
4.Connect the mobile via USB to the Computer
Note: Choose PC suite Mode
5.Now on the Simple.exe in the bottom check where the mobile is synchronized with ant software or not. If it is 100% means its good other wise it not.
6.There will be a bottom select Normal Mode and press Ok as shown in fig
6.Now navigate to the Service tab and click on GET under the User Code. as shown in fig
7.Now your security code is displayed in right side

Tats it!!
Download [ANT]Simple HERE