Bypass All Windows OS Login


Hello Every One
Now we can bypass all windows OS by using this third party application!! 

Follow the steps below :
1.First of all download kon-boot link is provided below
2. Plug-In you USB into your computer and format it to FAT32.

3. Open the download RAR file and extract it and go to the folder named "KonBoot V1.1 32 & 64 bit".
4. Now double click on "KonBootInstall.exe".
5. A command prompt will be prompted and ask you to enter your USB drive latter in my case it is H: enter you USB drive later and press enter. It will be installed automatically on you thumb drive.
6. Now you're done to test it restart your computer and enter your BIOS or Bootload selector. Keep in mind that the device you want to boot from is the USB.
7. Now boot into kon-boot and VOILA you can enter your copy of windows without entering any password.

Download Konboot HERE with password techreg

Source: Parbhakaran