Add Programs to Windows 7 Context Menu


Windows 7 has feature named Context Menu!
In that menu is used to start frequently used apps. 
Programs linked to this menu are known as right click menu it can be edited in Windows Registry.
A freeware tool named YourMenu and it used to add programs to context menu.
This is my defaults context menu

Now follow the steps:
1.Now u want this tool
          YourMenu version1.0 with Installer HERE
          YourMenu version1.0 Portable HERE
2.Now install and run it

3.In the right bottom click on Proceed
4.Now you will be taken to Context menu option page i.e choose any one if you want single menu means select Single otherwise you want more menu means select Cascading. 

(I selected Cascading)

5.After selecting Cascading you ave to Name your Menu then on the executable file name give your file name and in the select program give your file path. I named my menu as Games and respective path is given.

6.Now click on Generate REG file and one dialog box opens Select the Location where you want to store the your menu name.reg file and then an box opens click Ok.I stored as Games.reg

7.Double click the your menu name.reg and proceed with OK and thus you have successfully added your menu to COntext Menu. I stored GAMES.reg and GAMES_undo.reg.

8.To remove it click on you menu name_undo.reg

9. Now you right click you can see your menu in Context Menu