Change Notepad with Ribbon user interface in Windows 7


FluentNotepad is a free tool created by ~SalvoG92 at deviantART
How To Replace It With The Default Windows Notepad:
  1. Download the tool HERE
  2.  Open the archive.
  3.  Navigate to : C:\Windows\ & C:\Windows\System32\ (Change C: to your system drive) and rename theNotepad.exe file in both the folders to Notepad-No-Ribbon.exe
  4. Copy FluentNotepad.exe & Fluent.dll from the archive and paste them in C:\Windows\ &C:\Windows\System32 (Change C: with your system drive).
  5. Rename FluentNotepad.exe to Notepad.exe.
  6. Now the default Windows Notepad will be replaced with the Ribbon UI Notepad.

How To Restore The Default Windows Notepad:
  1. Navigate to : C:\Windows\ & C:\Windows\System32 (Change C: to your system drive) and delete theNotepad.exe & Fluent.dll files in both the folders.
  2. Rename the Notepad-No-Ribbon.exe file in C:\Windows\ & C:\Windows\System32 (Change C: to your system drive) to Notepad.exe.
  3. Now the Ribbon UI Notepad will be replaced with the default Windows Notepad.
Thanks to D2W....