TrueCrypt-awesome encryption tool


Free open-source disk encryption software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and


Here is how to use:

(Pic) TrueCrypt – Lock my data @ Techwikasta   Technology Simplified For You
Let us see how to use TrueCrypt by creating a truecrypt container :
When you open the software,you see a screen like the one shown below.
(Pic) TrueCrypt – Lock my data @ Techwikasta   Technology Simplified For You
1. Click on Create Volume.
2. Now it will give you a menu with 3 options.
Using the first option will allow us to create a truecrypt file which can be mounted like a virtual drive for putting data into it and then be dismounted. Using the second option you can encrypt a non-system partition drive. Using the third option,you can encrypt you whole partition or your OS also.
For demonstration purpose let us choose the first option and click Next.
3. Now it provides us with two options. a) Standard TrueCrypt volume and b) Hidden Truecrypt volume.
Using the first option we create a normal container file which can be mounted with the right password.
Using the second option, we can create a container within a container and this will be very helpful when you will be forced to disclose your password. In such a scenario you can provide the password of the volume which contains data other than your secret data. Thus people will never come to know about the existence of the secret data.
Let us choose the first one i.e the standard one
4.Now choose a location to create your container by clicking on select file. Click Next to proceed.
5. Now choose the encryption algorithm. Choose whichever you want. You can do a benchmark to see which one would suit your need. Click Next to proceed.
6. Now give the size of the container you want to create .Click next.
7. Now type the password you want the container to have.Longer the better.
You can also choose keyfiles (files which will be needed in addition to the password for mounting the container).
(Note-if you ever forget your password or lose your key file, you will lose your data since there is no backdoor to retrieve your data from the container). So choose wisely and click Next.
8. Now to generate a random pool.Simply move your cursor in random direction. Click Format.
9. Your volume is created. Click Exit.
Now to mount your data,simply open TrueCrypt software. Click on select file.
Now click on Mount.Type in the password and choose the keyfile if any. Click OK.
That is it! Your container will be mounted like a virtual drive.You can open up My computer and put in whatever data you want on the mounted volume and then Dismount the container.
That’s it!
Download it from HERE