Pixies App


Pixies app is released only for iphone yet, and features a collection of stylish fonts and over 350 charming graphics called pixies. Unlike some other photo editing apps like Repix (which requires the user to be experienced) this app is pretty easy to use and let’s anyone to quickly add extra pizazz to an image and share the fun among friends and family.
This app uses graphics instead of common photo filters, which lets users of any skill level to get creative with images. 
Layers of text and pixies can be added to an already saved image or to a new click using pixies and the completed pixie creation can either be saved to the camera roll or can be shared across user’s social circle through facebook, twitter and email. 
The best part is that user can even order their master-creation on t-shirts, mugs, bags & more with the app’s Zazzle.com integration. With over 350 pixies from a wide variety of categories ranging from crazy hats to birthday themes, this app gives its users countless ways to pick their pixie and create a new story out of every image!

Pixies’ features:
  • Four Pixies in each of the app’s 30 categories are free for all the users.
  • Pixies’ Birthday category is 100% free.
  • A complete category of Pixies can be unlock for $0.99 and all the 30 categories (comprising of 350+ pixies) can be unlocked for $24.99.
  • Overlay type on any photo with any font, color and shadow effects.
  • T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, handbags and more can be ordered with Pixies through Zazzle.com