Ashampoo Snap 6 Incl Crack

Ashampoo Snap 6 is an office utility program that will smooth out your workflow at work or even university. This is a simple app that takes screenshots of your screen on your Windows PC.

First of all, is the easy-to-use user interface that is well organized. Also, this tool has dual-core and quad-core support for CPUs that drastically speeds up the performance. Multiple cores are detected automatically and especially used when applying an effect. Additionally, this app comes with intelligent load balancing, where you can make changes in real-time and preview your work and see the changes as they are happening.

Ashampoo Snap lets you create, edit and share instant video or screen captures. Besides, this is a great tool to create interesting video tutorials, manuals or presentations for work or school purposes. Furthermore, to protect your content, you can add a unique watermark to your tasks. This is great if you´re a social network fanatic and constantly upload media online.

• Windows 8 support: Capture new Windows 8 apps.
• Color Picker: Collect multiple colors in batches, great for web designers. Also, you can export them in different formats so you can later import them into Adobe Photoshop.
• Improved Output Format Support: Load and save in PDF format with a new Encoder/Decoder. In addition, if you use the APCDOC format, all important layers such as DropShadow, MouseCursor, Watermark etc. are saved into the file and can be edited on a later stage.
• Capturebar: By default placed on the top-right corner of the screen to not interrupt the workflow, and with a switch of a button, you can flip between single- and multi-shot mode 
• New effect browser: live previews of up to 15 available effects you can use for your screenshots.
• Easy upload to Ashampoo Snap Webspace: No registration required. Upload your videos or images in just one-click, and then send a link via email or IM.Lastly, you can upload your creations onto your YouTube channel, and if you own a website, embed them directly there