Microsoft Set top box


Microsoft is prepping a set-top box along the lines of Apple TV, Roku, and WD Live.
The new rumor claims that Xbox Live customers will be able to sign into their accounts on the box and then use apps and view streaming videos.Essentially the streaming content box would bring the non-gaming aspects of the Xbox 360 game console to a users TV with relatively-cheap pricing.
Microsoft Working On $99 Set-Top Box
The Wall Street Journal claims that Microsoft is aiming for a device along the lines of the Apple TV. The inside source says Microsoft is planning various versions of the device. Among those different versions will be one box that offers Kinect-style motion controls.
While new consoles from Microsoft could be useful for non-gamers, the introduction of the Xbox 720 could push down Xbox 360 pricing to the point where Microsoft decides to shelve the set-top box.
There is a lot of competition in the stand-alone streaming box sector but Microsoft already controls the streaming accounts for millions of users. 
If nothing else Xbox Live customers could find the device useful for second set connectivity in their homes and while traveling.