Google Research

At Google, there are number of teams across the world working on different projects continuously. Research happens at every company of Google i.e. Google has a hybrid approach towards research. These companies comprise of the smartest people – the ‘Googlers’. Every individual is free to work in a field based on their interest. Google shares its ideas by publishing thousands of papers every year. Research is carried out in human-computer interaction, machine learning, statistical language modelling and many such fields. Google is not limited to its own companies when it comes to research. They have a tie up with various universities for the same.

Research at Academic Level
Google reaches out to the students of various universities by providing them with funds and resources to support their innovative ideas. They also provide internships and scholarships through their student programs. Conducting workshops and seminars is their way of reaching out to budding talents and give them opportunities to excel in their field of interest.
 (Pic) Google Research @ Techwikasta   Technology Simplified For You
Here are some projects developed at Google which will leave you stunned:
Google’s Person Finder:
Mother Nature is very unpredictable. Due to this unpredictable nature, we cannot always be prepared for any natural calamity. What if such a crises strikes and your friend or family member is a victim of it? What if there is no source to contact them anyhow? Google thought about this and to aid your search, they developed an awesome project, ‘Person Finder’.
(Pic) Google Research @ Techwikasta   Technology Simplified For You
This application aims at reconnecting missing individuals with their loved ones. For this you (or a government or a non-government organization) need to embed the small version of Google Person Finder on a website. Then, anyone can enter the missing person’s name there and the app will do its job of locating the individual. In similar fashion, if you have information about a missing person, you can upload it directly on the site and it will be shown to anyone searching for him.
Google Goggles:
Suppose you’re on a tour in a completely new place and unfortunately there is no tour guide to assist you. Or maybe you’re lost somewhere and you aren’t able to describe the location to your friend for help. Google has a solution to this as well i.e. The Google Goggles.
(Pic) Google Research @ Techwikasta   Technology Simplified For You
Google Goggles is an image recognition application available for android and iOS. With this application you just have to take a picture of the landmark and the app does its job. It will provide you with all the information about it. Similarly, this can be done to scan barcodes and the app will provide you with the product information. Sounds interesting? Download it now!