Use VLC Player as Video Convertor

VLC Media Player is one of the popular player by VideoLAN company!

Some times we want to convert a video from one format to another so we go for Video Converter Software's.
I suggest there is no need to install third party software and make our system dump!
we can use VLC player to convert video files!
Let me tell you How!

First we want need VLC Player installed! If not download HERE

Now open the VLC Player!
Click on Media and select Convert/Save or simply press Ctrl+R and it will open a dialog box as shown below
wysiwyg image

Now Under File tab click on Add to add the video which you want to convert and press Convert/Save!
wysiwyg image

A next box will pop up and in that click on Browse.
wysiwyg image

Now Select the destination location and press open and save!
wysiwyg image

And now we are at the end of convertion. Under Settings option select what type of format you want to convert!
wysiwyg image

And Press Start and sit back for few min...
I think this was known trick for some ppl!