Create Hidden text file in Windows OS using Cmd

We can create a hidden text file using cmd!
Most of ppl will consider some data to be hidden! so for the ppl like tat this will be useful!
Now using Windows OS, you can create a Hidden text file using Notepad and Command Prompt.
*If you hide it using hidden option then it will how in advanced searching
*If you make them password protect then any one get it or can crack easily using software
you no need to install any third party s/w to do it just follow the steps:
1. Decide in which disk you want to store that document.
For eg: I chosen disk J

2.Click Start=>Run=>cmd to open command prompt.

3.Now type notepad visiblenotepad.txt:hiddenfilename.txt
you can use different names

I used testfile
Now you will be promoted to create a file and a dialog box opens click Yes and proceed

4.Enter the Data which you want to hide.

5.Visit the folder.

6.To read/write your hidden file ,Open cmd and type
notepad visiblefilename.txt:hiddenfilename.txt
as same as the Step 3 and press Enter