Hide text in Image using Steganography


Now you can also hide text in images!
ImageHide is an tool which allows you to hide text!

After installed all you have to do is to load the image in which you want to hide your text (Stenography) type the text and hit the Write data option.
You can also password protect the text so that it can only be opened with the help of a password.
Once you have completed the above steps then you can send the image to your friend and he/she can only open it with the imagehide software and the password that you have used.Once opened with imagehide the text can be read by your friend.So use Stenography for more secure communication.

Now run the tool
It opens as
wysiwyg image
Now click on Load and select the picture which you want to hide text
wysiwyg image
Now type the text in the below space
wysiwyg image
Now click on Write
wysiwyg image
Now the text is inserted in Picture.You can view it by pressing encrypt
Now you can save it and send to your friend.
wysiwyg image
The one disadvantage is that the your friend should have this tool to view the hidden text.

Download HERE