Download Google Books for Free

Sources says that Google has scan over 130 million books by 2020!
So many of us are not that much ppl to buy!
Here is the software which is used to download Google Books for FREE!
[Image: fFtYg.jpg]

Follow the steps:
1.First download the Google Book Downloader from HERE and Install
[Image: zjKX9.jpg]

2.Now go to the URL in which your desired book present and copy the URL
[Image: cdXsM.jpg]

3.Paste it in Google Book Downloader as soon below
[Image: 25bcX.jpg]

4.You can select the location where to download and also what type you want to download it and also resolution.
[Image: mBJVQ.jpg]

5.Now click on Start
[Image: b9TS2.jpg]
6.After this your book will start download
[Image: pmbrR.jpg]