Three Tips for a Longer Lasting PC


Computers and their various parts eventually break down after 
repeated wear and tear. Some parts can become obsolete
so they need to be upgraded. Other parts could have yet been of
service, but unfortunately meet an untimely end due to improper
handling or use. If you want to make the most of your computer 
and spend less for replacement parts you need to take care of
it properly. Here are some tips to help protect your computer from
an early demise.

* Properly shut down your computer.

Avoid unplugging your computer or turning it off by pressing
the power button. This catches your computer unawares and
prevents it from saving its current state. It can also corrupt the
data on your hard disk drive. If your system files become
corrupted, you may have to reinstall your operating system and
all your other software. This will make you lose all your files!
Practice a little patience and wait for your computer to shut down
completely before unplugging it from the power outlet.

* Do not hit or drop your computer.

Computer parts are very sensitive! Do not strike your computer
for whatever reason. Your hard drive could be irreparably
damaged if jolted while it is spinning. Even a drop of a few feet
is enough to render most notebook computers senseless and
useless. If you have to hit something, try the wall or other object
that can better withstand physical battery.

* Do not wet your keyboard.

This is extremely lethal for laptop computers. Wet keyboards
will cause sensitive internal laptop components to short-circuit. 
If the damage is severe, you may need to get a new system.
To avoid this problem, try not to eat and drink while using your
laptop, or work by the pool or beach. If a binging session cannot
be avoided, be very careful not to spill any drinks on your keyboard.
If you treat your computer with care, it will happily serve you many
years and be less likely to hang up or freeze on you. You will also
get to save on repair and replacement costs!