Reduce Chrome Memory usage using TooManyTabs extension

Google Chrome was one of the first browsers to have multiple processes,  which creates a separate process for each tab. That means , if you have 5 tabs opened on your Chrome browser, then  you can see minimum 6 processes running in the task manager with the name of chrome.exe (5 for tabs and 1 for whole chrome). If you have installed extensions and plugins then they also have separate process for each of them . How to use TooManyTabs:

1. Download and install TooManyTabs .

2. Once you installed it, you you can see its icon tools menu  in top right, displaying the no. of currently open tabs. 

3. When you click this icon, you see all the opened tabs. To suspend and send any less important tab into TooManyTabs, you can click on the yellow icon tools menu  at the top right of  tabs showing in TooManyTabs list. or
You can suspend any tab without entering into TooManyTabs window. For that simply go to the tab you want to suspend, then right click > Send tab to TooManyTabs.

4. To see suspended tab list, click on the icon on TooManyTabs. There in right side of opened window you can see all suspended tabs. To restore a suspended tab, just click on that respective tab in the Suspended tabs list.