How to Save Space on Your Hard Disk Drive?


Low on hard drive space? Here are three quick fixes to your problem!

* Delete Unused Files

The first and most obvious step to take is to delete your unused files.
Over time, we hoard files that we had a need for, but do we really need 
them now? If you examine your old files, you will notice that you no 
longer use many them. Old programs are stored in your program files
that have never been run in years.These old files and programs are 
simple taking up precious space in your hard drive. To quickly free 
up some hard drive space, simply delete unnecessary files 
and uninstall those programs that you no longer use.

* Zip Your Files


Another way to free up space on your hard drive is to zip those files 
that you seldom use. Files that are zipped are compressed into smaller 
files that take up less space. After zipping, your files will be stored 
inside a zipped folder and you can safely delete the original files.
If you ever need access to your zipped files, you can quickly
do so by unzipping  your zipped folders. To zip and unzip files
and folders,you will need a zipping software such as WinZip.
 A free trial version of WinZip is available for download on the Internet.

* Transfer Files


If you want to hold on to all of your files and free up hard drive space
at the same time, you can transfer those files that you do not
immediately need to a separate storage device. An external hard 
disk drive is a high capacity storage device that can store
as much information as your internal hard drive can store.
For those with smaller storage needs, CDs and DVDs will do.
One great storage media that you can easily slip inside your
pocket is the USB flash drive.Now greatly improved, 
USB flash drives are capable of storing 
several dozen gigabytes of information.With an uncluttered 
hard drive, you can immediately store new important files
and keep your files and folders organized.