Three Signs of a Malfunctioning Computer Power Supply


A malfunctioning power supply can seriously damage your computer.
 When your computer power supply starts acting weird, you need to 
replace it immediately or you risk destroying your whole computer
system. Here are three signs that can alert you of a 
malfunctioning computer power supply:

* Overheating Issues

When it is in use, the computer power supply gives off a lot of
heat. To help it cool down, the power supply has its own fan 
cooling system. A power supply with defective or dead fans will
not be able to cool properly and greatly increase the temperature
level inside your computer case.
Overheating can also be caused by your other PC Computer
Hardware, especially the CPU, so make sure that your computer
power supply is the root of the problem. You could be replacing
the wrong computer hardware!

* Crashes and Failures

If you recently upgraded your computer and you frequently
encounter system crashes and failures where before you had
none, your power supply may be telling you that it cannot handle
its current load.
The complete computer systems that you see at the store are
usually only endowed with a power supply that is adequate to
power the unit. If you replace some of the internal computer
components with high-end parts that need more power, your
power supply will not be able to meet your computer’s power
requirements. Without adequate power, your internal computer components 
will shut down one by one and cause your computer to crash.
System crashes and failures can also be the results of an unsolved 
overheating problem.

* Noises

A failing power supply will grumble over its workload by making strange noises. 
The noise can also be due to a dirty and clogged fan. If your
computer power supply is making a racket, try cleaning the fan first.
If the racket continues unabated, you need to replace your computer
power supply as soon as possible.
Be wary of overheating, system failures and crashes. Your computer
power supply may be failing. Replace your computer power supply at
the first sign of trouble to avoid exacerbating your PC problems