Google Network Compromised #operation Armenian genocide

Greeting World.
All you are aware of how cruel your Govt is behaving with us , it's been a decade past but still common people are suffering. Our question is what democracy we have achieved??? Still the fuckers are ruling the humanity and they have made the entire system a crap. 
I want to ask everyone, how much longer are we gonna let our governments control us? How many freedoms will have to be removed before we realize that this is not how man is supposed to live. And how much longer will we let our governments operate behind closed doors? The idea of a Government by the people for the people has died out , and its time we fought for its resurrection.

Earlier we have raise our voice against injustice, inhumanity while blowing 24000 websites , all over the world for free education and free health to all our brothers and sister world wide. Later we again vows against ACTA and then 7000 sites get penetrated by TGH.
But did we do a lot??? No not at all. Again we are standing against injustice, cruelty & inhumanity. the govt wants to censor the entire WWW. So we decide yet again to stop them. As a result on the 4th February 2012 we sent offline i-Google from the WWW.
Operation ArmenianGenocide Engaged ,
Operation Megaupload Engaged,
Operation FreeEducation Free Health Engaged ,
We are KHS . We are TGH.
We are Warriors .
We are Achilles of Cyber World.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
to the governments of the world.
you should have expected us.