Two way Sync for Google+ with Facebook & Twitter

We just covered G+ which allows you to view Twitter and Facebook stream inside Google+ and also allows you to update status. Publish sync for Google+ is a new extension for Google Chrome which provides two way sync for Google Plus with Facebook and Twitter. This means that you can post to Twitter and Facebook from Google+ and also post to Google+ from Facebook and Twitter. You can use either one of these networks to post to all the others using this extension.

Once installed, you need to login to your Facebook and Twitter accounts (Plurk also supported) and then authorize this app to post status updates. Once you have done that, when you post a status from Google+, you can post to Twitter and Facebook.
In Google+

In Facebook:
If you go to Facebook from Chrome and then try posting an update, you can post to Google+ and Twitter from Facebook

In Twitter:
The same is the case in Twitter as well, you can see the screenshot below.

It currently only supports text and links posting from Facebook,Plurk,Twitter to Google+, photos and videos coming soon. It also supports sharing function which users are able to share whatever public content in Google+ to: LinkedIn, Digg, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter so on.
Publish sync for Google+ is an excellent extension which does two way sync which means you just need to post update from only one social network. But remember, you will need to use Chrome to update the status.
Download Publish sync for Google+