How to Google+ affects SEO to promote your websites


Being a webmaster, I visit Facebook very often to promote my websites than connecting to my friends and buddies. Having millions of users, Facebook has become such a great platform to promote websites and other online brands. Typically, companies, websites and other business entities create their business pages in Facebook and have their Fans subscribe to their Page feeds. Facebook pages are a great platform to share your business announcements to your Fans to the world.
Now, Google+ has arrived. Google keeps their lips tight on how they are going to better compared to Facebook, but the techies are busy announcing how Facebook is going to become history in the near future!
Let us come back to the point. Thousands of webmasters including me have invested lot of time and efforts in Facebook to take advantage of the massive user base of Facebook to promote our websites. If Google+ is going to be popular, how are we going to take advantage of that as well?
Here is what we can do to promote our brands and websites in Google Plus

How Google+ helps in SEO to promote websites

Google+ does not have anything equivalent to the Facebook Pages. So, your capabilities to create a Page and promote it through Google Plus is ruled out. The next best thing you can do is, use the Google+ Stream to share posts publicly to promote your business or websites. All streams (text messages) posted to Google+ with the visibility set to “public” is visible to everyone including search engines. Google indexes the Google+ profiles and the public messages.
So, you can post any message (similar to FB page messages) and have them indexed by search engines including Google. This is a great SEO option for webmasters to take advantage.

Twitter integration is no more, is Google search going to use Google+ streams for realtime search results?

Sometime back Google introduced realtime search, combined with the regular search results. When you search for some hot topics in the news, Google will show realtime tweets from twitter, within the search results. This auto updating realtime results used to pull latest tweets, through an agreement between Google and Twitter.
This agreement between Google and Twitter has expired and looks like Google has no plans to renew it. It is highly possible that Google is trying to promote Google+ by integrating realtime feeds from Google+ stream into search results to provide realtime search results.
It is a good idea for webmasters to start looking into various ways to take advantage of Google+ as part of their SEO efforts. Posting updates from your websites to Google+ stream is a good option to get started.