C++ 0x, unanimously accepted by C++ ISO Committee

C++ 0x, an 8 year long improvement and development to C++ has finally been ISO approved.Herb Sutter, wrote that C++ 0x has been unanimously approved by the C++ Standard Committee. He further wrote “C++ 0x” will be called C++ 11, name referring the year of approval, 2011. and it has replaced the current C++98 standard(updated later as C++03). The new standard includes several additions to the core language and extends the C++ standard library going compatible with C++03.

An Apache wiki shows that GNU C/C++ Compiler (GCC) is at the pace of C++ 11 development. The compiler is heading with recent C++ standard drafts followed by Intel C++ Compiler. Sutter believes in its well implementation within a year so most compilers get the full C++ 11 standard.

Bjarne Stroustrup pointed out the new features of C++ 11. It said, the new standard is a better C and remains a demanding lanaguage to learn and use.