How to remove a person from a Google+ Circle?

Here is the simple way to remove a person from Google+ circle
Google+ is great to organize your friends to relevant groups. For example, you can add all your family relatives to a Circle called “Family & Relatives” and all of your childhood friends can be in another circle called “Golden Friends”.
Sometimes it is necessary to move your friends from one Circle to another Circle or remove them completely from all circles. Read further to learn how to remove a friend from a Google+ Circle.

How to remove a person from a Circle in Google Plus

Follow the steps below to remove a person from a Google+ Circle:
1. Click on the Circles icon in the top navigation within Google+. It will show all your circles.
2. Double click on the Circle from which you want to remove a person. It will open the Circle and show all members in that Circle.
3. Single click on the person you want to remove from the Circle. If you click again, it will deselect the person. So, make sure the clicked person is highlighted with a highlight color.
4. After selecting the person to remove, click on the link “Remove” from the top right area of the view. This will remove the person from your Circle.
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The removal will not take effect until you click “Save” in the Circle editing window. When you remove a person from the Circle, he will not be removed from your contacts. You can add him back anytime.
Removing from the Circles is very different from Blocking a person. Blocking will restrict the person’s access to your Google+ page.