Google releases first + API

Google+ Team has just released its first Google+ API at

Google just released some G+ APIs. This is great news for the developers! If you have ideas on ways to utilize these API’s or have ideas for future possibilities once more API’s are released…

Looking over it briefly, the Facebook API is much more intuitive than the Google+ API. I wish they would learn from that. All you have to understand on Facebook is objects and connections. Use the GUID of the object you’re trying to get info about, do a GET request, and boom – you’ve got all the info on that object you need.

UPDATE: To my friends on the Google+ API team – this isn’t intended as a complaint per se – it’s hopefully just seen as constructive feedback. I only offer feedback I am willing to roll up my sleeves to get in and support – if you ever want my thoughts or help I am happy to do so.

Overall, the API is a great move for Google+. This will create some amazing things (including things I’m hoping to create). I also understand this is just the first release.

Keep up the good work, and congratulations!

+Jesse Stay