Apple loses iPhone 5 Prototype in a Bar, Again?

An Apple employee has lost a prototype iPhone at a bar, again. The iPhone was lost in late July at Cava 22, a Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco’s Mission District, according to CNET.

According to the website, Apple never filed a police report based on such loss, likely from an employee field-testing the unit, although it ”sparked a scramble by Apple security” in an effort to recover it quickly. The device, CNET says, was lost in July. Rumors surrounding the next-generation iPhone date back to late 2010, although they have intensified lately as the company approaches the rumored October release date for the “iPhone 5″.

CNET postulates that the phone may have been sold on Craigslist for $200. But it doesn’t provide any evidence of that, nor does it name any sources, which is kind of odd. But based on what it does reveal, my guess is that it has a source within the San Francisco Police Department. There’s a lot of inside information that only a cop or prosecutor would know.

It’s unknown if Apple ever got the iPhone back, but jeez. How does this happen twice in a row? Maybe Steve better send out an email to its boozier employees: if you’re going to go out drinking, leave your priceless iPhone test prototype at home