9 New Google+ Released Features This Weeks

Google+ has open up its door’s for anyone to sign up who is 18 years old or older. Google+ went from private (invitation only) to beta. However, that is not the only great news Google+ released this week, but the many of new features. The list below contains the name and description of these new features.
1) Open Beta – This means invitations are no longer needed – 18+ only. 2) Search in Google+ – Organizing the information within Google+ and making it easy to discover content you’re allowed to view! Find people, posts, and hot topics! 3) Mobile Hangouts – Now you don’t have to tell your friends “Oh dang, that party last night was killer!” Now, you can party with 9 friends in real time via your mobile phone! (Available on Android devices to start) 4) Hangouts with extras – A preview of new features including named Hangouts, note-sharing, screensharing, and Google Docs collaboration! 5) Hangouts On Air – Tune into a live public stream of a Hangout inside the Google+ stream and once you’re “On Air,” up to 9 others can join your hangout, and anyone can watch your live stream. (limited number of hosts at start) 5) Hangouts API – The world is your oyster with the Hangouts platform – we’re releasing a basic set of APIs today! 6) Mobile has too much good stuff so I made them a section (see below)! Mobile is rockin’ out – here’s what’s new 1) Renaming Huddle to Messenger – the evolution of something great! 2) Set your profile photo from any photo of you on your phone, tagged of you, or in the cloud – because you express yourself anywhere, at anytime. 3) +1 comments and see who else +1’d a comment (coming soon) – Yay! 4) Move your Google+ app to your SD card (Android only) – Yay! 5) Improved +Mention support – we’re always looking to make your experience better! 6) Send a photo in Messenger – making conversations richer! 7) Granular push notification options – so you see just what you want! 8) Receive and participate in Messenger, Post to Google+, and receive Google+ Notifications via SMS (US and India only) – Yay! 9) Playback user uploaded videos (not just YouTube videos) in your stream and share videos that have been uploaded via Instant Upload (Android only) – because we’re always wanting to share those cool vids our friends share with us! Thanks to +Natalie Villalobos for the tip.