Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8

Windows Command Prompt is a screen or work place where you can type & execute the files like basic scripts, administrative tasks, batch files or policy enabler.

The common Command Prompt is that you cant launch any programs which needs administrative privileges and the solution for this problem is ELEVATED COMMAND PROMPT. so what is elevated command prompt is the question rises in you mind right now? Am I rite?

Here is the answer:

If you open a command prompt (Not elevated), Your working directory is user profile.
For eg: Raja in my user profile.
If you open an elevated command prompt, Your working directory is C:\Windows\System32
Now am gonna share how to open an elevated command prompt:

It can be opened in two ways.
  • Via Power Users task menu
  • Using tile & Properties

Via Power Users task menu:

1. Press Windows key+X to open the Power User task menu
2. Now click on Command Prompt (Admin) to open Elevated Command Prompt

Using tile & Properties:

Windows 8 uses Metro UI which is constructed using Tiles of programs  and it is possible to add the Command prompt in tile.

1. Now type cmd in Search 
2. Right click on the Command Prompt
You will get more options below so click on Pin to Start to add in tile.
3. Now goto start screen and right click on Command Prompt and click on Open File Location in below
Start programs are located in %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\StartMenu\Programs\SystemTools
4. Now open properties of Command Prompt
5. Under Shortcut tab click on Advanced button to open the Advanced properties box.
Enable the mark in Run as administrator and press OK button.

That's it.