Google Project Loon

How many of you seen Gas Balloon?
Okay! now here is Internet Balloon which helps us to reach WAN more effectively.
Its Google Project named Project Loon.

Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on space which is designed to connect ppl in rural and remote areas and bring ppl back online after disasters.
 [Image: ZxW2lA7.jpg]
How it works:
are you eager to know How it works? here is how:

these network balloons floats in Stratosphere twice high as planes and weather and they are carried around the globe with the help of winds.
[Image: 7OBoNH4.jpg]

so how do u connect to it? this is the question raised in my mind when i saw the working of Loon.

We can connect to it by using a special internet antenna attached to building. The signals are bounces balloon2balloon just like Mobile towers.
[Image: RyV5njh.jpg]