Create Short URL to Google+

Now a we started using Google+.

 We can create custom URL for Facebook profiles. For example but there is no such feature in Google+ and its profile URL is very long and difficult to remember.
Google+ profile URL looks like – 
If you want to share it with your friends then it would not be an easy task. However 2 new services are launched which are not affiliated with Google but they let you shorten your Google+ profile URL and get you a custom URL. is the site which you can use to get a custom URL for your Google+ profile. It gives you profile URL like The new URL obtained is short in length and very easy to remember.
To create a short URL you just need to enter your nick name and Google+ profile ID which you can easily obtain from your profile. Google+ ID looks like 102719383481524888494. Your nick name could be 3 characters to 25 characters.Link@ is another service which works the same way as Like you require your nick name and profile ID. The only difference is in the short URL. The custom URL created by looks like is another service which performs the same task to shorten your Google+ profile URL.