Comparison between Google Plus and Facebook

I am going to compare the about the Google+ and Facebook!

Google Plus is a innovative and different approach to social networking. Google plus has many new features and some polished features which already have in the social networking sites. Mainly, I tried to compare the features and how it will be different from other social networking sites.

When compared to Facebook, Google has done a better job in thinking out of the box of social networks. Facebook lacks in Voice/Video chat when compared to the the Hangout feature in Google Plus.At this stage, Google plus is short on features. We can’t find a fan page in Google plus which attracts a lot of users in Facebook. Facebook pages are great for attracting millions of fan following.In grouping friends, Facebook is far away from Google. Google’s Circle approach is top approach for Third party API’s, and other applications are not yet available in Google plus. In Facebook users love to play games and other time killing applications. Till know we can’t find those in Google Plus.