Track Email Sent is read or not

When you  send some important mail for your friends,family or clients.Then you have to wait until the recipient has received your mail and open it or not! It will be not comfortable all the time and even some times the recipient ignores to send reply for your mail,then you might be in a confusion whether the mail is reached or not.So to remove all this hasty things here we got a solution for that..

Bananatag is another best way to track your sent mail from Gmail Outlook and Yahoo.
  • Just sign up for a free account by Clicking here
  • Now you will get Bananatag extension for your browser

   Download For Chrome                Download for Firefox

  • You can track only 5 emails per day by using free account.If you want to track more then 5 emails using Bananatag then you have to upgrade your account by paying some money.

  • You can track your Email by using simple chrome extension Rightinbox
  • After installing extension on your browser.Open your Gmail inbox if you already opened it just refresh it.
  • Now a pop arises the click Continue and then allow Rightbox to access Gmail
  • Now Compose your mail add recipient and then click on Track below and send the mail.
  • When the recipient reads your mail you will get notify with details like IP address and location just like below.
RightBox is also helpful for you to Sechdule Emails in future ! Right box send tracking email to your mail not based on any browser extension notifications so you can get tracking mails even though you access your mail from any other computer.