Email Address shorten

Wanna shorten your email address?
How to do it?
Answers for this questions are provided by these 3 websites

  • Bouncr
  • eShorten


Bouncr is a service that helps you share your email publicly in a safe way.
It works by hiding your permanent email address with a Bouncr proxy.
Bouncr is not meant to be an anti-spam service we do our best to filter out obvious spam and virus messages. Spam and virus messages will be rejected so the sender will know their message did not get through to you (but most likely they won't care since they're probably a spambot or Trojan infected machine).


It is also an Email Address Shortener service which has 3 steps as follow

  1. Enter the email address you would like to shorten
  2. Customize your short email address
  3. Conformation 

eShorten provides domains like 
2Hey.Me and etc. is also an online web tool which allows you to shorten your email address.
email shorten
to scrim: to protect your email address before sharing it.

so why we go for shorten email address?
To secure your email ID.
To share our emails in forums, facebook or chat for easy purpose.