Host website on Google Drive

Most of the website developers are worried about Hosting for this Google Drive helps them!
Yes. Google Drive allows you to host website.

Are you ready to know how to?
Lets start,
Follow the steps:

1. Sign in to your Google Drive account.
2. Create a new folder in it by clicking New Folder icon. and Name it.

3. Now upload the files on the folder created by clicking on Upload button.

4. After the uploading complete, click on Share button & click on Change.

5. Now change it to Public on the web and save.

6. Open the Index file and in the right bottom you can see a blue button named Open, click on it.

7. After the opening of the file, click on Preview.

8. Ta-da Your website is live. copy the URL & share with the world.

Now you shorten this URL by various URL Shorten sites like, etc..