Install Windows 7 using USB

Most of the ppl are moving to Windows 7!!
the feature of Windows 7 makes it more popular!
It can be install using USB drive!
to do it, we need three things

  • Windows 7 iso file
  • Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool
  • Minimum 4GB Pendrive
Download windows 7 iso from Internet!
Download Windows 7 USB/DVD tool HERE
Format the Pen drive before using it
Now its time to tell you!

Now Install the Windows 7 USB/DVD tool and open it
wysiwyg image

Now click on Browse and browse the Windows 7 iso file
wysiwyg image
Choose USB device to burn the iso
wysiwyg image
Now select your USB device
wysiwyg image
If you didn't format it means it will ask to erase it
wysiwyg image
Click on erase and again conformation dialog ask yes or no press yes and now it will formats the drive
After formatting it automatically starts to copy the iso to pendrive!
wysiwyg image
Now your bootable device is completed!
wysiwyg image
Open My Computer and see the icon of the USB device! It will be like this
wysiwyg image
Use this bootable device to install Windows 7