WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 5.68

WavePad Sound Editor Free lets you do a lot to your music files, but it has some hang-ups that make it a little annoying to use. Many of the features you'd want from the program are locked away in other programs that the app suggests you download. Still, what's inside of this program is worth using if you need to edit your audio files.

WavePad Sound Editor Free is part of a suite of audio- and video-editing apps that help you polish your media files. The program will advertise all of those other programs while you're using this one, even to the point of putting features from the other programs in its toolbar. If that weren't enough, this download has a toolbar and homepage takeover attached, so be careful. However, when it comes to functionality and features, the program doesn't lack. It lets you insert any audio track and add effects and edits to it. In addition to fading and looping, you can also trim parts of the song off and even retouch the audio. It can even change the speed or size of the file to make it easy for you to share or send. All of the buttons and keys in the program's good-looking layout are labeled for convenience, and there are online tutorials that make the program very easy to understand. That's a huge benefit, because the program could be very difficult to newcomers.

Though it's frustrating that WavePad Sound Editor Free tries to goad you into downloading extra programs to unlock all of the features, it has enough power to edit music and do just about anything you like. Its ease of use and good menus are just a nice bonus.

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