Create own Android browser

Maxthon allows us to create a own browser without any knowledge of coding.

Okay! lets start.

1. Goto Maxthon Mobile page (Click HERE)
2. Click on Make it now button.
[Image: 73CQyil.png]
3. Now you will get 5 questions just answer it.

3.1. Name of the Browser
[Image: FkVvWFQ.png]
3.2. Browser icon
      Click on Customize and select your own icon. Note: Icon size is           72x72px
[Image: qapbAMU.png]
3.3. Set your Homepage.
       Click on customize to give your desired homepage link.
[Image: INMmP0P.png]
3.4. Splash Screen
      This is the screen which appears first. you can customize it. Click         on Upload on your own Note: 480x800px
[Image: k8h5MxU.png]
3.5. Now enter your email ID.
[Image: Pxg6fMw.png]
Now just click on Create Android Browser Button and get some relax.
[Image: DiQMQ98.png]

Hooray! check your email ID for the download link.