Create your own web browser

We are using various web browser and How many of you taught of creating a customized or own web browser?

Okay! I have a answer for it.

Things we need are
1. Ur own icon

Lets start.
In 6 steps we can do it. just follow the steps.
#1: Goto Make My Browser
[Image: T9Zkufq.png]
#2: Click on Start Now and Enter the name & select your icon.
[Image: 6Z1MKEe.png]
#3: Since MakeMyBrowser uses Chromium source, you can import the bookmarks,saved passwords, user data from your Google Chrome browser so click on Import
[Image: cITLHQu.png]
#4:Now its time to add your desired Bookmarks & set your desired Homepage.
[Image: 8Re0d0f.png]
#5: Add some features to ur browser.
[Image: Oxe0zea.png]
#6: Give your browser a theme and check I agree box & Start downloading your Browser.
[Image: HrW2kuo.png]
Hooray! U created ur Web Browser.