Top 5 Apps to use in Android

Download it free from Google play store or just click on the name.

1. Math Formulary.

 This app covers all mathematical formulas that are used in college and university level, it's also depicted along with graphics and explanation. it includes formulas related to algebra,geometry,trigonometry,logic and others.

2. My homework student planner.

 It is the best app to maintain your records and keep remainder of your assignments along with date and topic that when you have to submit, you can use this to plan all your work. The best part is it works in offline mode with out any network connection an its free to download.

3.Fun Math Tricks Lite.

This app lets you easily solve maths problems in a fraction of second,fractions,square roots,multiplications and all. enjoy with the app 

4.Cam Scanner.

It let you to turn your smartphone to a scanner for managing tasks like editing,sync,share and manage various contents on all devices.Its quit useful for scanning notes , invoice or any documents.

5.Tiny Apps.

Tiny apps is a combination of 5 floating apps that stay on top of all other apps. it allows you to perform several windows at a same time .Tiny apps like Notes,Recorder,paint,music player,and calculator makes your like easy and simple.