Create Powerpoint presentation from facebok albums

Facebook has been grown hugely and most of the ppls share pictures on it!
Have you taught of creating slideshow or ppt or something from your fb pictures?
if you answer is YES then What will you do????

You will download it one by one or use any free source to download album!
but now you no need to do this both! will help you to come out this things!
Docs means Discover Create Share which is from Microsoft Fuse Labs.
docs lets you to discover your fb pictures and create with your desired format and you can share it.
you can create
  • Word Document
  • Excel Spreadsheet
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Resume
  • Analyze friend mix
  • Photo show

First you have to Login your fb account
Open a tab and navigate to
click on Sign in which will be in right top side

Now click on Add Docs

Select what you want to Create
wysiwyg image

I choose PhoteSlide Show
Now click on Pick album and it will ask you permission
Choose the permission to sharing

wysiwyg image

We reached Final stage Click on Create
your slideshow is ready
wysiwyg image