Windows 8 USB Installer Maker

This is the Part-II of Windows 8 Installation using USB derive.
In the Part-I I have told that it can also be done using a software now will tell about this.

First you need:
1.Windows 8 USB Installer Maker Download HERE
2. 4GB USB pen drive
3.Windows 8 iso disk image

About Win8USB - Windows 8 USB Installer Maker
This is a utility That will help you make a bootable USB Flash Drive of Windows 8 installer using its DVD ISO image
  • Windows Vista or Higher
  • Admin privileges

This tool makes 3 steps
1. Formats your USB flash drive to NTFS format (REQUIRED)
2. Extracts all files to your USB drive (THIS WILL TAKE LONG TIME! VERY LONG TIME)
3. Writes the MBR Boot USB
Follow the steps:
1. Open the Win8USB and UAC asks Yes or No. Click on Yes
2.Select the USB Drive letter as shown below
wysiwyg image

3.Now Click on Search ISO
wysiwyg image
4.Now a dialog box opens and browse the Windows 8 iso file and click Open
wysiwyg image

5.Check the both boxes as shown in the picture below
wysiwyg image

6.Now it will start and finally note that it says Successfully updated
wysiwyg image
will be back with another tool to install windows 8 from USB!!!