How to create Windows Themepack


Hello Everyone
Now a days Windows Xp are replaced by Windows 7.
In this Windows 7 there are lots of features available and one of the feature is that user can create their own theme pack i.e.  .themepack file.
It’s easy to create this file. 
Let me show you How to create that. 
I advice that keep al your wallpaper's, screen savers, sounds, cursor,icons  in one location.

Follow the steps:

1.       1. Right click on the Desktop and goto Personalize
2.        2. A Control Panel opens in that navigate to Aero themes and select Windows 7 theme. As shown in pic below

3.      3. Now in the left side top there will be a button named Change desktop icons click it.

4.       4.A dialog box opens in that select which icons you have to change the icon. In that a Change icon button will be provided click that and browse the location of your icons.  Note: Ur icons should be in .ico format.

5.       5.After finishing the Desktop icons now we are moving to Change Mouse pointer to do this on the same left side top there will be a button Change mouse pointers . A dialog box opens in that Browse the location where your cursor is placed and Apply it.
6. Now it’s time to change the Wallpapers so for this Click on Desktop Background in bottom of the Personalize 
7.A new box opens in that Browse the Pictures which your desire to keep as Desktop picture and click Save changes.
8.Lets change the Color of the Windows for this click on Window color which is next to the Desktop Background

9.       9.A new box opens there you can edit the color and to save it click Save changes
         10.Time to change the Sounds click on Sound a Sound dialog box opens in this         select the sound by using browse and click Apply . Note: Sounds should be in .wav format.
        11.Now change the Screen saver by using Screen Saver same the dialog box opens in that choose settings and in that select the screen saver and apply it.
      12.   Finally we reached our end. After all this changes our theme will be in My themes with unsaved theme like shown in the pic
       13. Right click on the Unsaved theme a options will be displayed as Save theme and Save theme for sharing
       14.   Now select the second option Save theme for sharing and now a dialog box opens and navigate the location where you want to save the themepack and name it and click Save
       15.   Hooray!! Your .themepack is ready to share.

Document of this available HERE in pdf format

There is another way to create themepack with Coding will share with you in another post.
Thanks for Visting.