Anonymous surfing tool ultrasurf


Ultrasurf is an excellent anonymous surfing tool that has been specially created for hiding your IP address, while you browse the web anonymously. It also allows you to bypass any filtering system or any other hurdle that comes along, in its way. Ultrasurf hides IP addresses and locations, cleans browsing history, cookies & more. It thereby provides complete privacy while you enjoy browsing the internet anonymously.
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Ultrasurf is a small tool that does not require any installation. it works as a secure filter when you’re browsing the web. This free anonymous web surfing tool can even run from a USB memory stick!!! You can thus easily carry it anywhere and use it on any public computer to browse the web safely. Ultrasurf works on both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Ultrasurf works by encrypting your complete internet activity, so that third parties cannot trace what you have been viewing or doing online.It is thus a perfect tool to safeguard yourselves, while browsing the internet.