Increase ur Bittorrent speed upto 300kbps

Do u belive that U can download Torrent files with a speed of 543kbps?

Ya.. U can do it by using third party software. Follow the instructions below:

1. First you want Bit torrent & Cheat Engine.. 
     Download Bit torrent Here 
     Cheat Engine Here 

2.  Install Bit torrent & Cheat Engine 

3. Load ur torrent file in bit torrent.

4. Now open Cheat Engine & it looks like

5. Now click the Select Process to Open which is present in left corner below File menu as soon in below picture

6. Now select the Bittorrent.exe in that Box and press Open

7. Now its time to increase ur speed and now navigate to right side to find Enable Speedhack and enter 0.1 as Speedhack value and press Apply. see the below pic.

8. Now you can see the torrent downloads at maximum speed.
I downloaded Drive Angry Movie in half an hour. 

Hooray!!! Enjoy!!!!